Code Of Ethics

Statement of Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics:

We abide by the Code of Conduct and Ethics as laid down by the British Psychological Society and hold true to the values of confidentiality and discretion

Competence; we value the maintenance of high and professional standards of work, by maintaining and improving our ability to function at such a level. We will always consider any ethical challenges related to activities and seek to resolve dilemmas through thought and consultation. We will practice within the boundaries of personal competence

Integrity; We value honesty, accuracy and fairness in our interactions with clients and colleagues and always seek to promote integrity in all walks of professional life

Responsibility; We take personal responsibility in our interactions with clients and members of the public, and will always avoid instigating harm or engaging in professional misconduct, or bringing the business and professional reputation into disrepute

Respect; We value the dignity and worth of all persons, with regard to people’s rights, including privacy and self-determination. We respect cultural, individual and role differences, including; age, disability, education, ethnicity, sexual orientation and marital status