Cyber Pathway


yber investigations are a core element of many types of investigations, providing essential evidence and intelligence.

Not all investigators will be investigating cybercrime, but they will most likely be including cyber or digital elements in their investigative plan.

The Platinum 3P Cyber Investigator Pathway™ is designed to provide new or experienced investigators with the skills they need to conduct cyber investigations lawfully, effectively, and safely to the highest standard.

Delegates who undertake the Cyber Investigator Pathway™ will select a minimum of 3 Core Modules and a minimum of 2 Optional Modules to achieve the Cyber Investigator Pathway™ certification.

All our modules are offered as individual elements, so are available to delegates who do not wish to complete the full Cyber Investigator Pathway™ immediately, but will count towards the certification later, if requested. We will add more Optional Modules in 2022.

We have recently (2021/22) awarded the Cyber Investigator Pathway™ certificate to government investigators in Uzbekistan, Ghana, Tunisia and Libya and to 14 private sector investigators in Ireland.


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