Team Development

Team Development


We are adept and experienced at designing and delivering bespoke team development programmes.

Over the course of the last 20 + years we have supported teams in the most testing of times, often in sensitive and confidential environments where discretion and trust are paramount.

Examples of what we offer

Team Facilitation – Sessions can vary from a hour or so to a full day. Typically, the primary focus of such facilitated sessions is linked to aspects of the team’s task and business activities, although there is great variation in the reasons for a facilitated session.

Team Coaching – Usually, this type of session has a focus on some aspect(s) of team dynamics and ways of working – the more interpersonal side of team life.

Team Skills – Sometimes it is useful for teams to have some focused input on one-off topics that help to improve both individual and team skills.

We take a nuanced approach in all of our team support offers, and ensure that we have the right blend of subject matter expertise in investigations and intelligence with applied psychology.

If you would like more information about these services, or just to discuss well-being issues relating to your investigation team, please CONTACT US