Team Planning

Planning the Investigation and Intelligence Workforce


We have been involved in developing capacity and capability in the murky art and science of workforce planning for over 20 years.

We understand how planning your future investigation or intelligence team or designing your department can become messy and overwhelming.

We provide the expertise and experience to help you navigate workforce planning by:

Training managers, leaders and HR practitioners to use the Platinum Workforce Planning Toolkit

Designing and facilitating workforce planning awareness sessions, considering your local context and drivers for workforce planning

Providing consultancy and advice about organisation design, job profiles and team configurations

The Platinum 3P Workforce Planning Toolkit provides a structured, logical and methodical approach for people who need to get their hands dirty in workforce planning.

Our four domain model (Demand, Workforce Design, Supply & Implementation), is further broken down into eight factors, which, when worked through and applied, will provide a coherent workforce plan with associated actions,  integrated with business and organisational objectives and financial planning.

Our toolkit can be used at both strategic and tactical levels within a business.

If you would like more information about these services, or just to discuss well-being issues relating to your investigation team, please CONTACT US