Leader Development

Management and Leadership Development


The transition from practitioner to being a manager and leader of people can present challenges and often it is assumed that this transition is the most natural thing to do.

Our experience, from what clients tell us, is that there is often a knowledge, skills and confidence gap which hinders the effectiveness of individuals to perform in such roles.

We take our decades of experience in designing and delivering management and leadership development interventions to offer you a bespoke programme, which will be:

Applied to the context of your working environment of investigations and intelligence

Underpinned by sound psychological principles and research

Delivered over several days (usually between 6 and 8 over the duration of a few weeks or months to suit the client)

A blended approach of learning and development approaches to ensure optimum engagement from participants

Our experience in this area includes the provision of leadership and management development for UK law enforcement agencies within the organised crime and counter terrorism fields, over several years, as well as across other sectors.

We take a nuanced approach in all of our team support offers, and ensure that we have the right blend of subject matter expertise in investigations and intelligence with applied psychology.

If you would like more information about these services, or just to discuss well-being issues relating to your investigation team, please CONTACT US